Thursday, June 22, 2017

 Freetown Stake Conference 5 May 2017.  The boundries for Freetown stake were changed and Upgun and Lumly branches were put in Freetown Stake.  The top picture I took from the 2nd story where the chapel is.  This is a group of members of Upgun.  I love the clothes they wear, especially on Sunday.  They always look their best. 
 My sisters from Upgun.  Back left is Sister George, she was the District RS president, but now they will get a new one. The sister in front in the blue and white stripped dress is Sister Kamara our branch RS President. I do love these sisters.
 We came about a hour early for conference and the bottom picture you can see the new gray truck we drove.  It is the truck right behind the men talking.  The top picture is taken the other way towards the exit.  There is only one way out of this parking lot.  We had to wait until all the other cars left.  Not many people drove, but the ones that did hung around and visited.  They love to visit and do that alot after the meetings.  They so friendly and loving. 

Our missionaries that were at the Conference.  They are hard working missionaries and as you can see they also have a playful side and are just young men and women.  We love them!

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