Wednesday, May 10, 2017

2 May 2017, We welcomed Elder Wheelock as the new AP.  L to R, Brent, Elder Wheelock, Elder Smith (serving in Makeni for his last 6 weeks, we will really miss him) Elder Izekor. 

 30 April 2017, Elder Jones with Josephine and her brother Michael.  Elder Jones taught and baptized them when he served in Upgun.  He attended Upgun with us this Sunday.  It was his last Sunday in the country.  I didn't know until then that Josephine and Michael were brother and sister. 
                   1 May 2017, Brent and I with Elder Jones, he is on his way home today.
13 April 2017, Our Sierra Leone missionaries leaving for the MTC.  L to R Elder Quinton, Elder Mustapha, Elder Kamara, me and Brent. 

 There is a Coke plant just down the street from us and we bought a couple of cases of coke zero.  They sell it to us about half of what we can find it in the stores.  This statue is inside their plant.
 These were taken outside the plant.  This gal is a member of the church and she is the one we worked with to buy it. We paid her and they delivered it to our apartment later in the day. 

                                Another Bird post for my sweet Mom.  I love the yellow birds.   
 There were two like this building a nest.  One would fly in and find a leaf that she liked and strip a piece off and fly to a bigger tree.  As soon as she flew another one would fly down find a leaf and strip a piece off and fly away.  They took turns doing that for over an hour.  It was fun to watch them. 

 This is the big black bird that was on the other bird post.  She was just sitting on this branch with her wings out and I got a snap of it. 
This is our pet, Spot.  He was on the wall and Brent got a picture of him.  The one on the floor gives a idea of how small he is.  That is our scales next to him.  He is pretty tiny. 

 Just before the rainy season comes they clean out the gutters so the water can flow  in the gutters.  This was taken from outside the Upgun Chapel  The top picture is the pile they were dumping all the trash from the gutter in the bottom picture.  If they didn't just throw their trash in the streets they wouldn't have to clean it out.  They feel it is their "right" to throw their trash anywhere they want. 
 Another pile of trash along the street where we come home from church called the Kissy Highway
 During the week this street is a big market place called PZ, but on Sunday's the markets are all closed.  It isn't always this trashy, but this day it was. 

 Coming home from shopping one Saturday.  This street is called Wilkinson.  When the traffic gets backed up the vendors come out and try to sell their wares to the people passing in the cars.  We usually just shake our heads no, but we have bought from them if they have something we need. 
 We have bought Popcorn off the street, but not from this young man.  They have sugar or salt popcorn.  We have tasted both.  I usually put butter on the popcorn and a little more salt.  They don't put much on.  The sweet is ok, but had a lot of un-popped kernels in it.  We probably won't buy it again. 

 They sell a type of ice cream from these little carts.  It is Bomba brand and comes in little cups.  They have chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.  We had a chocolate one a few weeks ago and it was very good. This was along Wilkinson street.  Yes the bottom picture he is doing what you think he is doing right off the edge of the street.  We see this a lot.

 Coming back from St Mary's.  They are up a big hill and this day the sky was pretty clear and we could see the ocean. 
 These pictures are Hill Cut road.  They have been working on it since we arrived.  We usually avoid this road and go the other way down from St Mary's store, but this Saturday we drove Hill Cut to see how the road was.  It is a lot better that it was.  I don't know if we will see it finished and paved before we go home. 

 We walked this day to a swimming pool, the only one we have seen here. There were 2 big swimming pools, one diving pool that did not have water in it and another big pool for swimming.  It had water and there were a few people swimming.  Not many people know how to swim here and are afraid of the water.   We just went exploring and this was such a pretty sight I took a picture of Brent with the city. There were some green gardens growing in the bottom of the hill.  Mostly cassava leaf and potato leaf. 
These little girls live across from our apartment and say Hi to us almost every day.  They do love to pose for pictures.  So cute!
 A group of missionaries behind this desk that is in the office.  Ali Kargbo was asked by an earlier mission president's wife to have this made.  He found a carpenter in Sierra Leone that made it.  It is a beautiful piece of art.  The words on it say: "Wherefore, go thy way; Watch the tree and nourish it according to my words....and the natural branches began to grow and thrive exceedingly."
 Jacob 5:12,73    The Gospel here in Sierra Leone is growing and thriving.  Our missionaries are working hard and baptizing many converts. 
 Elder Izekor and Elder Smith teaching a lesson outside the church in our compound. Many lessons are taught here.  I love to see them teaching.   
 Elder Smith is showing Brent a video of a man who helps them with the traffic every time they drive down Campbell.  This man loves the missionaries.  It was a funny video.  Behind Brent are Elder Carlson and Elder Sarkodie, the office Elders and Elder Izekor and Elder Smith the AP's. 
 A fun group of missionaries we get to see a couple of times a week.  Elder Mehlo, Elder Wheelock, Elder Nuttall Elder Peterson, Elder Robinson, Elder Thomason, Elder Evans kneeling, Can't remember the other Elder's name. 
 Elder Badoo and Elder Sarkodie making Foo Foo on P-day.  They pounded the cassava root for about 2 hours.  It is a long process and the missionaries love the Foo Foo.  Brent and I tasted it one time and that was enough for us. 
              Elder Carlson, Elder Badoo, Elder Sarkodie, Elder Corriea , and Elder Weber
 They add a little of the cooked cassava root at a time and mash it until it is the texture they want.  Elder Badoo turns it every time Elder Sarkodie was up.  If he didn't move his hand fast enough it would get smashed with the stick.  It was neat to watch them. 
 I see this sight every day out my office window.  I love to see the missionaries going out to teach the people.  Top is Elder Mehlo and Elder Peterson, Bottom is Elder Evans and Elder Waybright.  We sure love our missionaries.