Sunday, June 18, 2017

 4 May 2017 we had a couples retreat at "The Place"  this is the entrance to where we stayed.  It is on Tokeh Beach.  It is a beautiful, clean beach and we were able to swim in the ocean
 This is a native lady that said I could take a picture with her and she would not charge me.  She wanted a picture with Brent first and had her grandson stand in the picture.  After we took the pictures she asked for money for her grandson.  I didn't have any money with me but went back to our room and got some and then I had to look all over the beach to find her again.  I am not sure the little boy got any food out of her but I still paid her.  We are still learning. 

                                              The sunset on the beach was so beautiful. 

 Brent ordered red snapper for supper and this is what his plate looked like.  The fish still had the heads and tails on them.  He said it was very good, but there wasn't much meat on them. 

 This was taken in the morning of 5 June 2017.  This is a beautiful area.  We didn't have time to swim again, because we had meetings. 

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