Friday, June 23, 2017

 6 June 2017 we took a road trip out to Makeni.  There are were taken along the road as we were driving.

 This is a one way bridge about an hour out of Makeni.  The river was full of water. 

 This poda poda is for Greg and Chad, I bet they can relate.  It was so loaded you could not get another thing on or in it. 

You can see the house with the blue roof.  That is one of 2 that the President is building in Makeni.  Their election will be in March 2018 and he cannot run again. 
 If you look close on top of the biggest rock is a cross sticking on the top 
 We walked up this road and saw 2 of our Elders coming down the road.  They did not know we were in Makeni and when they recognized us they gave us a thumbs up and great big smiles.  L t R.  Elder Nyoka and Elder Beecher.  They are wonderful missionaries.  They all had similar ties that day.  Kind of fun.

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