Wednesday, June 21, 2017

 A few weeks ago Brent was telling Jason about the carts they build here to help carry water.  The young boys fill the jugs with water and put them on these carts to haul back home.  Notice the wheels.
 The little ones are so cute and these 3 all swarmed around Brent and hugged him.  I had to get a picture.  Below is another picture of a cart that holds the water jugs. 

 We were driving down Wilkinson and we came upon this wheel chair guy that was holding onto the back of the poda poda and getting a free ride.  By the time I got my camera he had let go.  We see this often.  Wheel chair people hanging onto the back of taxi's or poda poda's and riding down the street. 
 This intersection is coming down from Forbay College.  It is near our apartment.  There are always this many okada's and sometimes even more.  It is where people can catch a ride with an okada. 
 The road right outside our apartment.  It is a very busy road.  This was a good picture of the mountains and you can see the smoke because the people are burning there trash.  That happens everyday in the dry season. 
 I could not resist these two pictures.  We were sitting in church a couple of weeks ago and this bird just flew onto the window.  The windows here are like the windows in our trailer and they have small slats that open outward.  The bird just flew onto one of the pieces of glass and sat there for about 5 minutes and was singing to her hearts content.  Brent and I were about 5 rows back so I took one further away so you could kind of see the window in context.  Also in the picture below if you look close the sister on the right has her hair braided with yarn (they call it wool here)  That is a common practice for the women to have "wool" braided into their hair.  Hers is long but she put it in a bun. 

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