Sunday, October 9, 2016

 Last supper for Elder Nyembwe and Elder Ajayi.  L. to R. back row- Elder Amoah-Baafi, Elder Oyebambi,(AP) Elder Samche,(Apartment Elder) Elder Ajayi, Elder Nyembwe, Elder Jones(Apartment Elder) and Brent.  Front row L to R - President Clawson, Elder St. Mars and Elder Akan (AP)
                 Departing missionaries 3 October 2016  Elder Yahibo, Sister Thatcher and Elder Igwe. 
                                           Missionaries we welcomed 4 October 2016.
 Sierra Leone missionaries that went to the Ghana MTC 6 October 2016.  L-R Elder Boima, Sister French, Elder Emmanuel Kallay and Elder Simeon Kallay.  These were such cute missionaries. 
Elder Samche with Brent and I.  He and Elder Jones are the Apartment Elders. He has the cutest personality and keeps us laughing.  This was such a good picture of Brent I couldn't resist putting it in.  What a handsome companion I have. 
 I took these at the Kissy District Conference.  It is an open air building and this is what we saw looking out the door.  The bottom picture is looking toward the podium.  We sat by the door to get whatever breeze came through the door.  They had fans too and it wasn't to bad.  The lights and the fans, and the microphone stayed on the whole meeting.  President Clawson promised the Kissy saints that if they were faithful and continued to grow and be righteous and fast and pray that Kissy would be a stake very soon.  They are wonderful faithful saints. 

We are watching this big buzzard build his nest.  We see him almost every morning outside our window. 
 Some of the bananas from the banana grove behind the mission office are ready to harvest.  Shaka is the gardner and cut them and gave them to Brent.  He shared them around the complex.  It took about a week for them to ripen and they are yummy.  Shaka speaks mostly Krio, but Brent is getting pretty good at understanding him.   
 Two more guards with Brent and Shaka.  The one standing is Mohammed.  He and Brent have become good friends.  The one squatting is named James. 
                       Shaka cut the bananas with his machete.  It was fun to watch him. 
 James, one of our guards, Brent and I.  This is in the church yard at a wedding of George, another guard.  James pictured here is the one that helped Brent the first time clear his garden.  It was our P-day so we weren't dressed up, but we went to take some pictures. 
 Saidu and I.  Saidu helps us in the office as a volunteer.  He is a returned missionary and going to school. 
 Brent and I with Abduli and his wife Moona.  Abduli helps with our IT, and any repairs and upkeep of the mission.  Moona helps with shopping and fixing food when our new missionaries come.  They are expecting their first baby. 
 George and his Bride.  George is also one of our guards, and they are both members of the church.    Their weddings are pretty lavish.  They dress to the hilt and I love their dresses.  This is how they dress on Sunday too.  Aren't they beautiful?

 More sisters at the Wedding.  The sister on the left in the picture below is getting ready to go on a mission.  She just submitted her papers and she is one I helped.  Her name is Salamatu Kalokoh and she is a sweet heart.  We have become good friends.  She is a member of the Dwarzak ward and serves as a counselor in the Relief Society. 
 The next three pictures are a birthday party held a week after the wedding also in the church yard.  This girl was turning 10 and her baby sister was turning 1.  I didn't get a picture of her. 

 This family has a lot of money for here to have a birthday party like this.  I loved the Coke chairs and sun shades.  This cute lady is the Grandma and she was dancing to the music.  They had a DJ and music from loud speakers.  You can see the DJ and speakers in the back left.  They had a good time. 

All of our Mission with the General Authorities 9 Oct 2016  Elder and Sister Soares, Sister Stevenson and Elder Stevenson, Bishop and Sister Davies, Sister and Elder Stanfill.