Sunday, September 17, 2017

 6 September 2017  Just some randon pictures of our missionaries on transfer day.  I love having all the missionaries around.  Top the Elder holding the picture of Christ is Elder Mehlo.  What a cute group of missionaries.  Elder Wheelock is in the back and he is one of our AP's.  Elder Badoo on the right is the other AP.
 Elder Sarkodie and Elder Badoo.  Most of the missionaries love to have their picture taken, but especially these two.  I had to post Elder Badoo in the one below.  What a cute young man. 

 Another group of missionaries around the mission office on transfer day.
Below, Kids will be Kids.  Elder Vamanrav jumped in with the sisters and was being silly.  He is from Tonga. 

Sister Freeman, Sister Monesa, Sister Abakah and Sister Konan.  Cute Sisters!  They are so fun. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

 3 September 2017  Farewell Dinner for Elder St. Mars.  He requested Taco Salad and it turned our great.  Below is Elder Wheelock, (AP) Elder St. Mars Elder Badoo (AP) and my good looking companion.  It was a really nice evening.  The Clawsons were able to join us later.  They traveled home from Bo. 
 Elder St.Mars was suppose to go home on the 4th of  September, but there was a problem with his flight and so he ended up going home on the 5th.  When I told him he was staying another day, he said, "Sweet".  He was a very good missionary and served faithfully to the end and then some.  He is also our last missionary to return home that came from another mission to help open Sierra Leone Freetown mission.  

This is the new group of missionaries we welcomed 5 September 2017 They are all from the US.  Several are from Utah and one is even from Orem. What a small world. 
 14 August 2017 Elder Ayabowie and Elder Ukandu are returning home.  The missionaries here really like these scarf's and have them made locally.  Below Elder Cluff is between them and Elder Sarkodie has the coat on.  He was cold this day, it was only 89 degrees. (I love his boots)  Elder Badoo is far right.  He is one of our AP's right now. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

 These two pictures were taken Sunday 27 August 2017 on our way home from church.  You can see the red truck in the top picture just pulled in to dump the sand in the back of his truck and blocked traffic both ways.  This happens often, the only thing you can do is just sit and wait.  We were stopped for about 10 minutes this day. 

 These pictures were last Sunday 3 September 2017 on our way to Church.  We were traveling  down Pademba road.  It had rained most of the night Saturday night and into Sunday morning. 

 This is the intersection where Pademba meets Dundas street and it was a river going down Dundas.    Some of the taxi's turned around because it was too deep for them.  We were in one of our trucks and Brent just went slow and we made it through just fine.  When it rains here it pours sometimes. 

 A couple of Saturday's ago some workers came and cut down and trimmed our bushes and plants out front of the mission home.  Brent and I think it looks very nice and clean.  The hibiscus plants flower all year round here.  
 We love this colorful bush Brent is standing by. 

 Brent is picking an avocado in the top picture.  He has a long pole and hit it down.  That is how they pick them. This avocado tree is right next to the mission office.  We have several trees in our compound.  They call avocado's 'Peers". 

 These trees are next to the church building in our compound.  They are cutting them down.  They used machete's to cut the trees down. 

 Charbel Khoury, Brent and I, above.  Charlel is one if the owners of Serra Motors where we buy the mission vehicles. He and Brent have become very good friends.  He invited us to his home for a Lebanese dinner and you can see the beautiful food.  It was a delicious meal.  He is from Lebanon and has invited us to come and see him in Lebanon anytime we want.   He told Brent he could invite up to 4 other couples to come with us, but we just invited President and Sister Clawson, pictured with us below. 

Primary at Upgun.  The Sister in the blue on the left comes to Primary all the time now so her little boys will come.  Here name is Fanta Naoma Ellie.  Sister Mattu is in the blue and gold on the right.  She is a counselor in the Primary Presidency. We have from nursery age to 12 years come most Sunday's.  Sometimes the 13 and 14 year olds come also.  We meet in this room with all the children. 

 Theses pictures are all taken from outside our chapel at Upgun.  It is from different angles.  These were taken the first part of August.  You can see the wet roads.  It had been raining this day.  Top is toward the sea. 
 This is towards the street that leads us to and from Upgun each week.  This is called Kissy Highway.
 These are both toward the mountain.  The top one is for JJ.  The guy in the white suit is in a monkey costume.  I am sure he must have been cold and found this to wear to stay warm.  Their mountains do not compare in height to Utah, but they are really pretty and green during the rainy season. 
 Looking down to the street you can see a gray truck.  It is hard to see because of the railing, but that is the truck we sometimes drive to Upgun.  It was the only one in the carport this Sunday. 

 This is Crispin who helps us in the distribution Center.  This day we had a whole box of Book of Mormon's stuck together because of the humidity.  I had to take a pic true.  Crispin is a fun guy and always makes us laugh. 
 This monkey picture is for JJ.  We went into a Chinese store that we saw on the street and there was a man in there that had this pet monkey.  He let me take a picture. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

27 July 2017  Brent and I with President Turay, the Stake President of the new Kissy Sierra Leone Stake created in June 2017.  He is the most humble man and will do such a wonderful job. 

 27 July 2017 Our SL missionaries ready to go to the MTC plus President Turay, the new Kissy Stake President.  Five of these missionaries are his now.  L. To R. Elder Williams, Elder Kargbo, Sister Samura, Elder Conteh, President Turay, Elder Jallon (our missionary) and Elder Koroma.  This is a great group.  Below is the family and friends that came to say good-bye to them. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

26 July 2017  Elder Palacay arrived from the Philippines.  We have been waiting for him for a transfer while his Passport was processed.  We are glad he is finally here. 
 25 July 2017, changing of the guards for the AP's. L.  Elder Izekor, (leaving us to go open a new area in Koidu) Elder Wheelock and our new AP Elder Badoo. 
 25 July 2017, our newest group of missionaries to arrive.  They are all from the States except Elder Oloucho and he is from Kenya. 
This is what our lobby to the mission home looks like on transfer day. 
24 July 2017 -  For "PIE-oneer Day" We made pies and also that was Sister Clawson's birthday and how we celebrated with her. Above is Elder Carly's pie and the first one he has ever made.  It was a chocolate pudding pie.  The crust was a little tough but pretty good for a first time.  Sister Carly made a peanut Butter Pie and I made a Lemon Meringue pie.  Sister Clawson made an apple crumb pie and President Clawson made a Banana Cream pie.  President and Elder Carly decided to have a pie contest.   Sister Carly wrote on Elder Carly's pie, "This is the Place", on her pie she wrote, "This might be the place BUT this is Heaven."
 On my pie she wrote "That may be Heaven BUT this is the Celestial Kingdom."  It was pretty fun.  That is the first Lemon Meringue pie I have made from scratch and I couldn't find any Crisco on Saturday so I substituted margarine in the curst.  It turned out just fine.   

 Above is Elder Carly taking a picture of all our pies.  Below is President, Sister Clawson, (organizing things just right as always) and Sister Carly. 
 President, their daughter Auria who is visiting and Sister Clawson.  Happy Birthday and Happy "PIE"-oneer Day.