Sunday, December 3, 2017

 11 November 2017, This is the wedding of Jeneba and Emmanuel Kondonor  Emmanuel is a counselor in our Branch Presidency at Upgun.  President Rowe our Branch President married them.  The picture above was Emmanuel and Jeneba watching people sign their wedding registry.  That is a big deal here and Brent and I were asked to sign it also. 
 The picture below you can see President Rowe in the back.  The wedding was held in our chapel. 

 They decorated it really cute.  The people wear their very best African outfits to weddings.  I do love their clothes here.  Below is Mama George on the left and our convert Salumatu on the right.  I am not sure who is in the middle, but they were beautiful. 
 Below in Sister Katie in the front with the 3 sisters behind her.  Don't they look beautiful? 

This little girl took a liking to Brent and sat on his lap for most of the wedding.  She is Brother Nealopo's daughter.  He is a counselor in the Freetown Stake Presidency and also works at Distribution 1 day a week. The picture below is President Nealopo. 

 These two Pictures are looking from the street up to where we go to church.  I realized I always take my pictures from the church down.  You can see the sign up top that says, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  So that is our building.  It use to be a hospital. 

 We had a little time between the baptism and the wedding on 11 November 2017, so we took a little drive and drove past this huge garbage dump.  Kind of gross.
 Then we drove over to the Ferry.  We didn't have time to ride it but there was a young man there that gave us a tour.  We are going to ride it in a couple of weeks.  It goes to Lungi and back.  Lungi is where the airport is.  The ferry takes longer than Sea Bird to get to Lungi, but it is also cheaper.  It is only 4,000 Leones to ride the Ferry. 
 When we ride it we are going uptop which is pictured here.  It will be much cooler than down below.  The rest of the pictures are shooting from different directions on the Ferry. 

 This is the entrance to how you come onto the Ferry.  Below on the right people were waiting in a building for the time to board the Ferry. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Elder Badoo, Elder Fefegula and Elder Wheelock.  Elder Badoo and Elder Wheelock are the AP's.  Elder Fefegula is the other Elder I helped get his US Visa.  We are waiting on his Mozambique visa and hopefully he will be able to go to the Provo MTC.  He is temporarily assigned to our mission while we wait for his Visa. 

 9 November missionaries from Sierra Leone going to the MTC.  Elder Pessima, Elder Turay, Sisetr Bangura,Elder Katta Elder Newton, Elder Safoi, Me and Brent.  Below is Brent and I with Elder Newton.  He is one of the missionaries I helped get his US Visa.  Now we are waiting for travel to get his Mozambique Visa.  He will start at the Ghana MTC and hopefully be able to go to Provo to learn Portuguese.  He is a wonderful young man and has been a joy to work with. 

 11 November 2017 Our investigator was baptized.  Her name is Salumata Salina Conteh.  She is the sister we talked to on the street outside of our church building and we told her we were going to church and she said she would come with us.  Elder Cluff and Elder Amoah-Baafi pictured with her below taught her and she got baptized.  Elder Amoah-Baafi is holding her little boy.  She lost her husband to Ebola. 

 Sister Carly gave me some fabric last year for my Birthday and we had matching skirts made.  I had to get a picture before they left.  They returned home 12 November 2017.  I really miss her. 
Elder and Sister Carly, Ali Kargbo, Me and Brent outside the office the Friday before the Carley's left.  They will be missed. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

2 November 2017 Eating supper at "The Hub" a restaurant connected with a hotel.  This is our good-by dinner for the Carley's.  They return home on 12 November.  We will miss them!!!  It was a lovely evening, good food, good weather and wonderful company. 

More pictures of birds for Mom.  Last week there were around 50 big hawks swooping around the mission office.  They usually stay up really high but this day they were low and right outside the window.  I went outside and took a picture of them.  This happened one other time last year.  The small dots you see were small swallows flying around with the hawks.  I'm not sure what the ritual is, but it was fun to watch.  It lasted about 30 minutes and then they left. 

 We have beautiful sunsets here.  Not every night but often.  These were taken out the window of our apartment. 

 George Pratt is one of our guards in our compound.  This is he and his wife, Elizabeth and their new baby. They are so tickled to get her.  Elizabeth had another baby about a year ago, but she passed away a few days after she was born. 
                                    She really is a beautiful baby and has a ton of black curly hair

 17 October 2017 Transfer day.  We didn't receive any new missionaries or send any missionaries home.  That is a first since we arrived.  Sister Soja was here though and we had our picture together.  She is heading to Makeni.  I do love this Sister.  She is the sweetest gal and a wonderful missionary. 
19 October 2017  SL missionaries leaving for the MTC.  Elder Mustapha, Sister Dauda (from Kissy Stake) Sister Conteh, Elder Bayoh, Elder Allieu, me and Brent.  The missionaries from Kissy Stake still come and leave with our missionaries from the mission.