Sunday, January 14, 2018

 29 December 2017 we closed the office early and Ali Kargbo took us over to the  mud slide that happened the 14th of August 2017.  It was a terrible tragedy and hundreds of people died in the slide. Many people were left homeless and lost everything they owned.   
 The picture above are two huge rocks that came crashing down into the house below.  Two people were killed in this house. 

 Ali is pointing toward the slide.  In the photo below was where several houses use to be. 

 It was a terrible thing to happen.     Brent and I in front of the slide and different angles. 

 We drove down Wilkinson a couple of Saturday's ago and we saw these people, that were real people, painted white looking like Mannequins.  We were not sure why, but it was kind of cool so I took a snap of them. 

 We found these cute loaves of bread at Red Lion on 23 December 2017.  We walked down town to their store and bought some.  They are a Santa face and had cut outs of a ginger bread man and a Christmas tree in Santa's beard.  The bread was very good also.  Since we discovered Red Lion bread, it is the only bread we buy.  It is good and pretty reasonable priced and is always in plastic, so we know it is safe to eat. 

Our Christmas decorations for this year, December 2017.  I bought our tree last year and this year I added 3 ornaments that say Faith.  Elder Waybright's father made them for all the missionaries in our mission and had some extra ones.  They said I could have these.  Elder Christy's family sent me a booklet about Christmas that was beautiful.  On Christmas day we walked down to the PZ market and walked around for about 3 hours.  It was fun to be out with the people and wish them Merry Christmas.  Then we came home and talked to the kids, that was the highlight of Christmas.  It was a very nice day. 
                                            Brent and I with our Christmas Decorations. 

 Christmas Eve day after Church we exchanged gifts.  Last year not all the children received a gift, and I determined right then that would not happen this year if they exchanged gifts, so Dad and I took every Primary child a gift and that included the Young Women.  This is a picture of all the children that were there.  Salumata is behind the children with her little boy.  President Rowe had us sing ,"I am a Child of God," and Brent was able to record part of it.  Enjoy these great singers!

 Christmas Eve day after Church with our beloved members of Upgun Branch.  They do love to have their pictures taken. 

 These 3 young Sisters wanted their picture with me.  The one next to me is Josephine and she had a beautiful new dress on.  She wanted a picture of just her and below is that picture.  She is really a beautiful young women. 

 Above is Katie and her grandchildren.  The smallest girl is also named Katie.  The little Katie was terrified of me when we first started attending Upgun.  Now she hugs me and always wants to sit on my lap in Primary.  She is really sweet, like my own sweet grand daughter named Katie. 

 Above is Sister Mattu with her darling children.  Sistr Matuu is a seamstress and always looks beautiful.  She had made matching dresses for her and her girls for Christmas.  They wanted to have their picture with their sunglasses, so here it is.  These little girls are the prettiest little girls and they are very sweet.  Below is our beloved convert, Salumata Salina Conteh with her little boy.  We do love them. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

 20 December 2017 we had our Christmas party with the missionaries serving in the West.  There were about 90 missionaries at this party.  Elder Waybright's ward sent a gift to all the missionaries in our mission and he is handing them out.  I am giving all the missionaries a picture my sweet friends sent me that is a picture of Christ with a little black boy.  It is sweet.  It is a Liz Lemon Swindle picture. 
 It was such a neat experience for me to hand these to our missionaries.  I realized that even though I am super excited to go home to my family,  I will miss this great mission family.  These are the best missionaries ever!

 Two of my favorite missionaries in line Elder Newton and Elder Fefegula.  They are both from Sierra Leone and serving in our mission right now while they are waiting for their Mozambique Visa's. 
                        Brent with some of our cute Sisters and the Elders in the background. 
                               Me with some of our cute sisters, with the Elders in the back. 
 We really have some wonderful Missionaries.  Below is Elder Waybright.  His ward is the ward that send all our missionaries a gift.  It was so special. 

 17 December 2017 Primary Sunday at Upgun. These are the children that came and participated in the Primary Program.  It really turned out well and they did a wonderful job.  The children all knew their parts.  The little girl in the white dress in front is only about 4 and she was so cute when she did her part.  She knew every word and spoke loud and clear.  When she finished everybody clapped for her.  They do that sometimes here.  Below are the children with me and Sister Fatmata Conteh, who is the Primary President. 

18 December 2018 Sister Appiah-Kubi, me and Sister Soja.  These sweet sisters are returning home today after serving 18 months here in Sierra Leone  They will be missed!