Saturday, July 8, 2017

 Saturday 1 July 2017.  It was such a beautiful day, the air was clean and clear so we rode up to Leicester Peak.  This is where Elder Scott came and dedicated Sierra Leone for Missionary work.  You can see a lot of Freetown and the ocean.   

 The wind was blowing up there and it was pretty cool.  Below you can see clear to Lungi.  That is where the airport is. 

                    Above is looking the other way.  This really is the top of the mountain. 
 There was no smoke in the air and it was probably one of the clearest days we have ever had.  It was beautiful. 

                                                  You can see the big ship in the harbor. 
 Of course I had to take a picture of some pretty flowers up there.  The picture below is red leaves that I thought were pretty.  That is as close to fall leaves as I have seen here. 

 Coming back down from Leicester Peak all along the road were rock piles with people hammering the rocks.  They pound the bigger rocks into smaller rocks by hand with hammers to make the road base for the roads. 
                                   You can see the lady above sitting and pounding the rocks. 

Above, people will sit like this lady all day and just pound the rocks with a hammer.  Below you can see how the piles of rocks are right by the road. 

 P-Days we always get a lot of missionaries in the office.  We love when they come in and bring all that energy. 
 Above is Brent with Elder Torh and Elder Raongo.  Below is  Elder Otekhoigbogie, (say that fast 5 times)  Brent and Elder Mandegra.  Elder Mandegra is serving here in our mission and he is from Sierra Leone.  He is our only Sierra Leonean serving here. 

 These pictures I took out the window of where we meet for Relief Society.  It is behind the building where we meet for church. This is a pretty typical street.

 There is a beautiful Mosque that you can see in the back.  There are a lot of Muslim's in this country and we hear the call to prayer often. 

 On our way home from church.  The picture above is the PZ market.  They close on Sunday and the trash is terrible.  On any day but Sunday you cannot drive down this street, it has so many markets and people.  Below, we were stuck in traffic on Kissy road.  Usually the traffic is pretty good on Sunday's but for some reason it was backed up this day. 
 Sunday 18 June we are at the Kissy District Center.   Now it is the Kissy Stake Center.  Kissy District was made a Stake today.  It is the Kissy Sierra Leone Stake and the 2nd stake in the country. This little girl sat by us and she followed us after the conference and wanted a picture with us.  She was so cute!

 More pictures of birds for my sweet Mom.  The Kingfisher's are only here in the rainy season.  This little guy sits on the lamp post and has his bath.  He always sits there when it is raining  

 These buzzards are here year round.  We have watched them build nests and then seen the babies.  They are really big birds.  They like to sit in this tree outside our window.  Part of the tree is dead. 

 A couple of pictures of a pretty sunset.  The picture below is taken from our apartment window looking toward our office.  The building you can see is the apartments were the young missionaries live and our office is below their apartments.  The Cotton Tree is behind it.  I really love that tree. 

 I spotted this little Gecko outside the office on this light.  They are cute pretty cute.  We still have our spot living in our apartment.  We haven't seen him lately, just his droppings.  
 On our way home from shopping last Saturday.  This was along Wilkinson Street.  This is a pretty common scene here.   It was raining a little and the picture above you can see people huddled under the umbrella.  They have a plastic over it also.  This is where you can buy top up for your phone. 

I loved this sign.  It was along Wilkinson Road also on our way home 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

 12 June 2017, Saying Good Bye to Elder Saunders and Elder Smith.  Top picture L to R Elder Wheelock, Elder Izekor, Elder Evans, Elder Carlson, Elder Saunders, Elder Smith, not sure of his name, Elder Marks on the end.  Kneeling is Elder Sarkodie on the left and I am not sure on the right. What a great group of young missionaries.  We love them!  
 Elder Smith taking a 'selfie' of Brent and I with him.  We will really miss these Elders.  It is hard to say good bye on our end, but we know families on the other end are so excited.
 Transfer day.  Elder Cornista, our grandson here in the mission is going to Bo.  We will really miss him.  He has been serving in Freetown and we were blessed to see him and his companion Elder Wolters most p-days.

 13 July 2017 The new missionaries we welcomed to the mission.  Back row on the left is Elder Spaulding  We are thrilled to have him back with us.  He was in the accident last August and is all healed and back to serve.  Below is Sister Clawson, Elder Spaulding and President  I take pictures like this of all the Missionaries the day they arrive and send a copy home to their parents.  I had to post Elder Spaulding 

15 June 2017  Brent and I with Sister Willie and Sister Tangbo.  They are leaving for the MTC to start their missions.  Cute young women!