Tuesday, June 27, 2017

 The morning we were in Makeni, we went for a walk up a hill.  These are some pretty yellow flowers we saw along the way.
 This really is a beautiful area of Sierra Leone.  It was very hot that day, but Makeni is more inland and it is a little hotter than Freetown. 

 Some more pretty flowers we saw on our walk.  Above is the bush and below is a close up of the flowers. 

 We were waiting for Elder Cluff ad Elder Smith to come meet us outside the apartment we stayed in.  The mission has a really nice couples apartment in Makeni that we stayed in.  The police were stopping the Okada's this day and checking for registration  There aren't many poda poda's or even Taxi's in Makeni, just Okada's.  Boku amounts. 
 Above Elder Cluff's Okada driver got through the road block because he had all his paper work  Elder Smith's did not and he ended up paying 5,000 LE to get through.  They even gave him a receipt.  It is more of a bribe here than a fine. 

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