Sunday, June 18, 2017

 Pictures I took on the way home from "The Place".  We often see goats in the road and tied up in yards.  Sometimes we see them tied up along the streets of Freetown. 

 This is how some of the houses are made.  They are actually some of the more sturdy ones.  The rainy season is coming, so the people are getting shelters made. 

                                                 A bunch of sticks for building houses. 

 President Clawson rode his bike to "The Place" and then back to Freetown.  We passed him part way home and I snapped this picture.  We do love our President!
 Going through a little village we saw this "Debul".  I was not going to take a picture because they don't like to have their picture taken.  However some men that were in this group hit our car as we passed and we were going very slowly, so I took a snap. 
                                                     Going through a market. 
 These rocks are everywhere they burn them to get them to split.  When they get to smaller pieces, people sit in the piles and use hammer and pound on them to break them.  They sit there all day and hit them.  Sometimes we see small children doing this also. 

 The Poda, Poda is for Greg.  I am sure he can relate.  These vans are full of people.  They take the regular seats out and make wooden seats and put 4 people across and there are at least 5 wooden seats.  They fill them with people and then put all their things on the top because there is no room inside. 
                                                Another house being made out of the sticks.
Welcome back to Freetown.  This is up near Forbay College and you can see Freetown and the ocean beyond. 

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