Sunday, July 24, 2016

 Markus Wallace is the Bishop of one of the wards here in Freetown.  He also works for the church and helps the mission a lot.  This is one of the new little trucks the mission just received. 
 You can see all the Okada's (motorcycle taxi's) on the left.  These are at the corner we always pass to get home.  We walk past them also on our walk.  I can walk through them without much trouble now 
 This is the road up to our apartment  It was an unusual moment, because there wasn't any traffic. 
 You can see the white sign on the left.  That says Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  That is our driveway. 
 Up the driveway, this is what we see.  The guards open the gates for us and we drive up to the mission home. 
 On our walk.  Both of these roads are our normal walking routes.  The one with Brent is on is called the Old Railway line.  Before the war a railroad went through there.  Now it is a road with shops along it.  The one I am standing on is called Jomo Kenyatta.  We walk it going and coming back home.  They started to pave it and wanted it finished for their Freedom Celebration in April, but didn't get if finished.  So now with the rainy season it has a lot of deep ruts again.  It is nice for us though because they block off the traffic on this side and we don't have to worry about cars.  We still have to worry about Okada's because they use it.  They aren't suppose to but they do. 

 We have a meeting every Tuesday with a devotional and we do some calendaring so we all kind of know what is going on for the week.  The two Elders with their heads down and dressed alike with their rain jackets are Elder Kochevar and Elder Lefler.  The brother on the right is Brother Corbaly who arrived last week.  The Elder on the Left is the new AP  Elder Akan and he is delightful.  Ali Kargbo is in the doorway.  He works for the mission and is wonderful.  He is also the District President of the Kossoh Town Branch. 
 Brent, Elder Kochevar, Elder Lefler and Me.  This is in the President's apartment the night before these 2 Elders went home.  We had a dinner for them and then a testimony meeting.  They are both wonderful young men.  Elder Lefler is a very humble sweet young man.  Elder Kochevar is very cheerful and upbeat guy.  He is the one who found me a fanny pack after looking for 2 months.  We loved them both and will miss them.  They are great "Farkle" players too.  Chad and Patty would love the way Elder Kochevar plays Farkle.  
 The back of the boys.  I love their collars.  You can see Elder Lefler on the left.  His collar is all frayed on the top. It's kind of had to tell in this picture, but I love the frayed collars.  The missionaries don't have washers here and they scrub their clothes in a bucket with a scrub brush and scrub board.   A lot of missionaries hire members to wash for them.  Elder Kochevar's isn't frayed, but I took him with Elder Lefler. 
Elder Lefler and Elder Kochevar at Sea Bird ready to go across the water to Lungi and catch the plane home.  Brent and I took the to Sea Bird.  We will miss them, but know they have served well and their families are thrilled to have them coming home.  They left 22 July 2016.
 This is the group of missionaries that arrived on July 12, 2016.  This if the first group that I have done everything to get ready for them to come.  I loved helping them when they arrived.  This is a wonderful group of Missionaries!  
 These are the 3 Sisters who stayed in our apartment the night they arrived  Left to Right they are Sister Soja, Sister Okpara and Sister Kokou.  They are great young Women and we really enjoyed them.  I am even starting to say their names right.  The African names are taking some learning.  
This is Elder Evans.  When I sent the welcome letters to him and his family, his mother wrote me several times and asked if he could bring anything.  I asked her to send me some crystal light and he brought about 100 packages.  It was such a treat.  He is going to be an amazing missionary.  I could see leadership qualities in him in just the short time he was here. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

 1 July 2016  With all of the rain comes the beautiful plants and flowers.  When we first arrived where I am in the top pictures was just dirt.  Now it is full of beautiful plants. 
                                          I love the flowers and plants. 

 Below is a picture just down from the mission office.  The ferns are growing right out of this wall and the wall is also covered with moss.  This really is a pretty time of year here. 

We are in full swing of the rainy season.  It rains everyday now.  Not all day, but a good portion.  It rains hard too.  This is a picture from the mission office porch looking up to our apartment complex.
 This is looking West outside the mission office. 
 This is from the mission office porch looking towards the church.  The water is pouring off the church
This is the mountain we see to our West.  You can't see it very well for the rain.  It is pretty cool.  Actually the temperate has cooled down a bit.  Enough that we don't instantly sweat when we go outside.  Even on our walk now it is pretty nice.  Still warm though. 
 Coming home from Freetown Mall on Saturday 25 June 2016.  We always pas this church and I think it is cool so I took a picture of it.  You can see it was raining outside. 
 This is the mission office on the ground level and the top level is where missionaries live.  The missionaries have been complaining that birds are getting up under the eves and coming in.  FM is fixing many things in our compound and this is one of them.  Look close and you can see the poles they constructed to climb up and fix the eves.  You can see on the top left where they opened a panel to fix. 

This is our new mission van.  It is a Volkswagen.  Brent is over our vehicle "fleet".  We have 2 mission vans, 4 little trucks, and 1 small SUV that the President and Sister Clawson drive.  

 Thursday 30 June 2016 we went for our walk to Congo Market.  We have walked there before and it is a fun place to walk.  The top picture is a little gal who owned this fabric shop in the market, so you guessed it, I had to buy some fabric from her.  She was so cute and had beautiful fabric and she was not pushy.  The bottom is s picture of the same shop, and these girls wanted a picture with me.  Brent was good enough to go fabric shopping with me that day.  Thanks Papaw!