Wednesday, June 21, 2017

 Mother's Day 2017  Elder Cornista and Elder Wolters came to see us and Elder Cornista gave me 3 yummy cupcakes they had found at a bakery.  Elder Cornista is our Grandson here on our mission.  He was transfered to Bo a last transfer and we miss him.  Elder Wolters is still here in Freetown and we get to see him often. 

8 May Elder Cornista came to see us on his Birthday.  Happy Birthday Grandson!
 Elder Kay came in when he first arrived and drew this snow- boarder.  One of the workers came in and started erasing it and I told them not to.  Elder Kay came back this day and I had him draw what had been erased.  He also added pine trees and signed his name. He is a great artist.   This board is in our office right across from my desk.  It is the closest we will get to winter and snow here in Freetown.
 The new truck for the mission is finally ready for us.  Brent and I went to pick it up at Serra Motor.  Maroon, pictured with Brent, is a co-owner of Serra Motor and he is the nicest guy.  Brent has a really good relationship with him and his cousin who is also an owner. 

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