Wednesday, April 27, 2016

 Family home evening Monday night 25 Apr 2016 with Brother and Sister Doe.  Sahr Doe is a counselor to President Clawson and they are the nicest people.  They had a dinner for all the Senior Couples to thank the two senior couples going home.  On the table just to the right of Sahr Doe is a huge fish that Sister Doe cooked.  It was delicious.  The whole meal was delicious.  It was the best food we have had since coming here.  She said she would e-mail me her recipes. 
 Elder and Sister Lauritzen back, Four Elders of our Elders who live in the Doe compound.  The Carly's and the Myles live in this compound also. 
 Back left Elder and Sister Barney, Sahr Doe standing in the red, Sister Clawson taking a picture of the fish, Sister and Elder Carly on the right and of course my favorite companion Brent on the left. 
                      Brent, Sister and Elder Carly, left and Elder and Sister Myles Right.
Elder and Sister Barney back left, President Clawson back right, Sister Doe standing and the sister on the left is an investigator and tends the Doe's little boy sometimes. 

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