Wednesday, April 27, 2016

 We walk past this Banana tree every day when we walk over to the office.  We also dump all our wet garbage in this little banana stand of trees here in the compound.  Our wet garbage is like cucumber peelings, banana peels, pineapple parts we don't eat.  Anything that would be compost matter we dump there. 

Brent's garden spot, behind our apartment.  His vegetables are coming up nicely in the apartment in little containers.  James, one of our guards got this ground ready for planting.  He dug it all by hand with a little hoe type instrument.  James also brought chicken manure and mixed it in.  When Brent told him what he wanted to do, James said he wanted to help.  James is quite educated on plants, he went to school and studied it.  I think he is as excited about the garden as Brent is.  Also Sister Clawson is excited.  She said she wanted to plant a garden, but has not had time.  They can look right out their window and see the garden so she can watch things grow and then they can help us eat it when it is ready. 

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