Tuesday, April 5, 2016

So this is our bedroom  We sleep with a net over us.  We haven't seen any mosquitoes yet, but just as a precaution.  The rainy season will start in another month or so and they say we will see a lot of mosquitoes. 

This is our kitchen and dinning room.  This is my first time fixing a meal in our apartment.  The last two meals the Lauritzen's our trainers made for us.  We appreciate them so much.  Sister Clawson the Mission President's wife took us grocery shopping today and that was as stressful as anything I have done so far.  They use Leone's and it is a cash economy.  We spent over a million Leone's for groceries, which comes out to be about $230.00 US dollars.  They have most things, but it is really expensive.  It was an adventure.  Thanks to Sister Clawson we were able to pay and get what we needed.  The fresh fruit and vegetables in the street markets are pretty good price.  We bought 2 ripe avocado's and if you shake them you can hear the pit rattle. They grow them here.  I'm excited to but it and try it out. 

Our first meal that I cooked here in Freetown.  Chicken, rice and frozen vegetables.  We did have fresh cucumbers and tomatoes and they were very good.  All our fresh fruits and vegetables we have to clean with a 2 - 2- 2 formula.  We soak them in a solution of 2 liters water, 2 tsp. bleach, for 2 minutes.  Then we rinse them in our filtered water and let them air dry.  It took me about an hour to get them all disinfected and ready to eat.  What a process.  We do have filtered water to drink and brush our teeth.  To wash dishes we put soap and about 2 tsp. bleach in a tub of hot water in the sink, wash the dishes and rinse them in another tub with our filtered water.  No dishwasher, but Brent and I.  We are learning a lot and we can tell we will be super busy with the office and being a support to the branches.  Tomorrow Sister Lauritzen, who is training me in the office,and I are meeting with the district Primary President in this area.  They were going to have me be in charge of their Primary leadership meeting, but decided to have Sister Lauritzen do it since I have never been to Primary here.  They want me to at least see a Primary here before I try to train them.  No Kidding!  We are stretching and growing. 

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