Wednesday, April 27, 2016

 The Chapel in Kossoh Town.  The  Kossoh Town branch goes to church here and it is by far the nicest building we have attended Church in.  They even had a generator and turned it on and we had lights and a microphone and fans.  It was still open air, but a little cooler with the fans.  There is a really sweet feeling in this branch and they are doing well.  Their branch President is Ali Kargbo and he does a lot of work for the mission too.  He is a really humble kind man. 
 This picture was standing with my back to the Kossoh Town chapel and looking into the street.

The "Truck" story as this picture has become know here in the Sierra Leone mission office.  I wrote it in my journal so you will have to read about it, or ask me sometime.  Exciting!!!  The man in the white shirt on the right is pointing at me.

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