Sunday, May 8, 2016

 This is a wedding held outside our church on Saturday April 30, 2016.  The bride and groom said I could take a picture of them.  Below is the bridal party.  They got all the people together just for me to take their picture.  They were so beautiful and several of the older sisters were in their traditional dress.  I love the bright colors. 

 They decorate the cars like this for the couple to leave the place where they are married.  The cars we have seen so far are either white or black that the bridal couple uses.  Below is the back ground for the reception.  They draped big pieces of fabric.  They set up tables around and chairs and served a meal.  They covered the chairs with a light fabric and tied them with a silver fabric, like they do at home sometimes.  You can see the chairs in the lower right had corner.  Off to the right was a big set of speakers that they played music into the night.  We could hear it really well in our apartment. 

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