Sunday, April 17, 2016

 Our first P-Day in Sierra Leone.  We are up on the top of a mountain at a place called Leicester Peak.  You can see the valley below us.  It was a pretty clear day and we could see to the ocean. 
 Of course there is Coke here.  The Coca Cola plant is not far from the mission home.  We walked along this street.  It is kind of a side street so there wasn't much traffic.  Some kids were playing a game like tennis on the road with a tennis ball and just their hands.  
 We went for a "walka walka"  That is Krio for Walk.  We walked along the mountain and it goes right past peoples homes and it is just dirt.  Most roads are dirt here.  There are a few main roads that are paved. 

 Our second P-Day we also went for a "walka, walka"  We drove up a pretty steep hill, 4 wheel drive road with ruts, rocks and dirt.  We came to this church which is called the St Andrews Church.  The Vicar lives across the road and saw us come. He came over and unlocked the church and took us for a tour inside.  It was a beautiful old church.   It was like a lot of churches we saw in England, but it was really small.  It had 3 beautiful stained glass windows depicting the Baptism, Crucifixion,and the resurrection of the Savior.  The Vicor said they had come from Italy.  We went with President and Sister Clawson, Elder and Sister Barney, Elder and Sister Lauritzen and Brent and I.  After our tour all of us but the Barney's walked back to the Mission Home.  It took about an hour. 
                          President Clawson coming down the last part of our walka walka. 

When we got back to town Brent had to stop at Freetown's version of Home Depot.  On the left you can see the plywood stacked towards the ceiling.  Brent is by the white post in a white t-shirt, he is kind of hard to see. 


  1. Love the walka walka. It sounds like Fozzy Bear. :) Thanks for taking us on this adventure with you! I love reading your updates!