Wednesday, April 27, 2016

 "The Place"  We spent last Friday night here at "The Place"  That is the name of this resort.  Brent is standing in front of the Chalet we stayed in and he is looking at the Atlantic Ocean.  It was really fun.  We had a Senior Couple's training here on Saturday.  The Clawson's and Brent and I were the only ones who stayed overnight.  The rest of them came on Saturday. 
 We walked on the Beach Friday afternoon with President and Sister Clawson.  We also all played and swam in the ocean.  The water was almost to warm.  I would have liked it colder because the outside air temperature was so hot.  I know I usually like it warm, but this was down right hot.  We were still sweating in the ocean.  
 Brent and I went for a walk down the beach on Saturday morning and these cute little boys started following us and talking to us.  They walked with us about an hour so we took a picture of them.  I picked up a shell so they all started gathering shells for me.  The little boy on the right has a plastic wheel that he rolled along the sand with a thin piece of metal about like a hanger, that was stretched out long.  It was a lot like the pioneer children used only with wood.  (Like at Cove Fort)  Had to get that in.  We gave them each a jolly rancher at the end of our walk and they were thrilled.  Cute boys!
 All the couples bought some crap and lobster.  We brought the Lobster's home live in these baskets covered with leaves. 
 The two taller boys are who we bought the crab and lobster from but everyone on the beach wanted to be in the picture.  (They call pictures "Snaps".  They love to have their picture taken. 
We came back home and all the couples went to the Presidents apartment and washed and cooked our crabs and lobster.  Brent cleaned ours.  It was a great experience.  We have a saying here that fits,  it is TIA, which stands for This Is Africa. 

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