Sunday, April 17, 2016

 Brent brought seeds from home with us to plant and he needed some good rich soil.  We drove out to the country side and stopped and asked this lady, her family called her "Aunty" if he could buy some soil.  She was so cute and agreed to sell him some of her soil.  She charged him 10,000 Leones which is about $1.70. 
 Here is Brent digging the dirt.  He filled the red buckey you can see about half full.  That bucket is actually our garbage can for the kitchen.

 This is a great market we stopped at on the way back from getting the dirt.  It is actually the best one we have been to.  She had wonderful potatoes you can see in the middle.  We bought some and baked them and they were delicious. This cute girl let me have a picture with her.  She is holding lettuce and we bought some.  We can eat lettuce, we just have to wash it really good. 
 Our first Sunday to attend Church in Sierra Leone. This is after church and  Brother Barney is driving and is trying to turn around.  He got high centered here and you can see the car in front of him. We didn't know who it belonged to. 
 This is looking up the hill from where the car is.  We had to walk from where the car is parked up this hill to church.  A little different that walking to our Stake Center from our home in Utah.  Sister Barney is the lady with her back to us, she is trying to ask some members of the Branch coming down the hill if they know who the car in front of us belongs to.  Love the chicken by her.  There are chickens everywhere here. 

                                        This is just off to the left of where the car was parked. 

Brent and the young Elders and a brother from the branch trying to decide what to do.  See how close our car is to the other one.  How many Elders does it take to move a car? What an adventure!  Eventually the owner came and moved his car and Brother Barney was able to turn around and we made it back home. 

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