Sunday, July 30, 2017

 I took these around the mission office and mission home.  I wanted you to see how beautiful it is right now in the rainy season.  This stairway leads up to the mission home and our apartment
 This leads to the water pump just below the mission home.  The picture below is a closer view of one of the hibiscus bushes we have growing.  They bloom all year round, every day. 

 Above is the mission office and below you can see some of our banana plants.  Our banana grove is to the left. 

 These three are all out our office window.  It really is green and beautiful right now.  I have a big palm bush that blocks my view of the missionaries leaving, but I still like the green. 

 Below is a picture going along Wilkinson Road a couple of Saturday's ago on our way home.  The road is completely covered with water and it was pretty deep in this part.  When it rains here it really rains.  That is why everything is so green  and alive right now.  It is also a little cooler.  We LOVE the rainy season. 

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