Saturday, July 8, 2017

 More pictures of birds for my sweet Mom.  The Kingfisher's are only here in the rainy season.  This little guy sits on the lamp post and has his bath.  He always sits there when it is raining  

 These buzzards are here year round.  We have watched them build nests and then seen the babies.  They are really big birds.  They like to sit in this tree outside our window.  Part of the tree is dead. 

 A couple of pictures of a pretty sunset.  The picture below is taken from our apartment window looking toward our office.  The building you can see is the apartments were the young missionaries live and our office is below their apartments.  The Cotton Tree is behind it.  I really love that tree. 

 I spotted this little Gecko outside the office on this light.  They are cute pretty cute.  We still have our spot living in our apartment.  We haven't seen him lately, just his droppings.  
 On our way home from shopping last Saturday.  This was along Wilkinson Street.  This is a pretty common scene here.   It was raining a little and the picture above you can see people huddled under the umbrella.  They have a plastic over it also.  This is where you can buy top up for your phone. 

I loved this sign.  It was along Wilkinson Road also on our way home 

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