Saturday, July 8, 2017

 These pictures I took out the window of where we meet for Relief Society.  It is behind the building where we meet for church. This is a pretty typical street.

 There is a beautiful Mosque that you can see in the back.  There are a lot of Muslim's in this country and we hear the call to prayer often. 

 On our way home from church.  The picture above is the PZ market.  They close on Sunday and the trash is terrible.  On any day but Sunday you cannot drive down this street, it has so many markets and people.  Below, we were stuck in traffic on Kissy road.  Usually the traffic is pretty good on Sunday's but for some reason it was backed up this day. 
 Sunday 18 June we are at the Kissy District Center.   Now it is the Kissy Stake Center.  Kissy District was made a Stake today.  It is the Kissy Sierra Leone Stake and the 2nd stake in the country. This little girl sat by us and she followed us after the conference and wanted a picture with us.  She was so cute!

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