Saturday, July 8, 2017

 Saturday 1 July 2017.  It was such a beautiful day, the air was clean and clear so we rode up to Leicester Peak.  This is where Elder Scott came and dedicated Sierra Leone for Missionary work.  You can see a lot of Freetown and the ocean.   

 The wind was blowing up there and it was pretty cool.  Below you can see clear to Lungi.  That is where the airport is. 

                    Above is looking the other way.  This really is the top of the mountain. 
 There was no smoke in the air and it was probably one of the clearest days we have ever had.  It was beautiful. 

                                                  You can see the big ship in the harbor. 
 Of course I had to take a picture of some pretty flowers up there.  The picture below is red leaves that I thought were pretty.  That is as close to fall leaves as I have seen here. 

 Coming back down from Leicester Peak all along the road were rock piles with people hammering the rocks.  They pound the bigger rocks into smaller rocks by hand with hammers to make the road base for the roads. 
                                   You can see the lady above sitting and pounding the rocks. 

Above, people will sit like this lady all day and just pound the rocks with a hammer.  Below you can see how the piles of rocks are right by the road. 

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