Sunday, July 2, 2017

 12 June 2017, Saying Good Bye to Elder Saunders and Elder Smith.  Top picture L to R Elder Wheelock, Elder Izekor, Elder Evans, Elder Carlson, Elder Saunders, Elder Smith, not sure of his name, Elder Marks on the end.  Kneeling is Elder Sarkodie on the left and I am not sure on the right. What a great group of young missionaries.  We love them!  
 Elder Smith taking a 'selfie' of Brent and I with him.  We will really miss these Elders.  It is hard to say good bye on our end, but we know families on the other end are so excited.
 Transfer day.  Elder Cornista, our grandson here in the mission is going to Bo.  We will really miss him.  He has been serving in Freetown and we were blessed to see him and his companion Elder Wolters most p-days.

 13 July 2017 The new missionaries we welcomed to the mission.  Back row on the left is Elder Spaulding  We are thrilled to have him back with us.  He was in the accident last August and is all healed and back to serve.  Below is Sister Clawson, Elder Spaulding and President  I take pictures like this of all the Missionaries the day they arrive and send a copy home to their parents.  I had to post Elder Spaulding 

15 June 2017  Brent and I with Sister Willie and Sister Tangbo.  They are leaving for the MTC to start their missions.  Cute young women!

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