Sunday, July 30, 2017

 This is another Bird Post for my sweet Mom.  The other day it had rained most of the morning.  It cleared up and I could hear all these birds outside my window.  I went outside to see what they were doing and there were tons of little white moths that were flying around and the birds were eating them.  It was pretty cool to watch.  I walked along the driveway near here and the lizards were trying to catch the moths.  Now that was funny.  They were on the ground, running and trying to catch  the moths.  They would run and stop every few feet and do their push up thing they do and then start running again. 

 This is a bird we have never seen before.  We actually have only ever seen it this one time. 

 Here is another shot of the vultures. We have never seen them on the ground before, they are usually perched in a dead tree.  They were after the moths also. 

 This is our King Fisher and taken on a different day, but it was a good angle of him.  These little guys have the prettiest tune and they are beautiful.  They are only here in the rainy season.  Hope you enjoy the bird pictures Mom.  I love you!

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