Sunday, July 30, 2017

24 July 2017 -  For "PIE-oneer Day" We made pies and also that was Sister Clawson's birthday and how we celebrated with her. Above is Elder Carly's pie and the first one he has ever made.  It was a chocolate pudding pie.  The crust was a little tough but pretty good for a first time.  Sister Carly made a peanut Butter Pie and I made a Lemon Meringue pie.  Sister Clawson made an apple crumb pie and President Clawson made a Banana Cream pie.  President and Elder Carly decided to have a pie contest.   Sister Carly wrote on Elder Carly's pie, "This is the Place", on her pie she wrote, "This might be the place BUT this is Heaven."
 On my pie she wrote "That may be Heaven BUT this is the Celestial Kingdom."  It was pretty fun.  That is the first Lemon Meringue pie I have made from scratch and I couldn't find any Crisco on Saturday so I substituted margarine in the curst.  It turned out just fine.   

 Above is Elder Carly taking a picture of all our pies.  Below is President, Sister Clawson, (organizing things just right as always) and Sister Carly. 
 President, their daughter Auria who is visiting and Sister Clawson.  Happy Birthday and Happy "PIE"-oneer Day. 

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