Saturday, May 28, 2016

 Auxiliary Training with our faithful sisters in the Kenema District.  Primary, Young Womens's and Relief Society sisters.  They are striving just like us to fulfill their callings. 

Brent, Elder and Sister Sherwood, Sister Clawson and faithful sisters.  This is the vehicle we took to Bo and Kenema.  Brent drove.  We filled the back with supplies to give to them.  They have a hard time getting the distribution things they need.  It takes 4 hours to get to Bo and Kenema from Freetown where the distribution office is for them.  It is in the Mission Office.
 Brent and I with some boys who were at the church.  They love to have their picture taken.
This is the Baptismal fount at the chapel.  It is out back under some trees.  At the top of the stairs you can see a door.  They open that door.  Put just enough water to baptize someone, it is only about to their knees, and they are all afraid of water because they don't swim.  It is frightening for them. 

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