Sunday, May 8, 2016

 I thought I would show you Sierra Leone's version of Walmart that we saw driving from Kissy back to Freetown after a Zone Conference held in Kissy on Thursday May 5th.  Top picture is charcoal.  They use charcoal to cook all their food and they do it all outside.  They wrap the charcoal in leaves and bundle in these packages.  You can see people walking down the street with them on their heads also.  The next picture is the mattress department.    They have mattress stacked all around this building. 
 I loved this picture of the family walking around the market.  They carry their babies on their backs like this one.  They little ones are so content and I have never seen one crying that is on their mothers back like this.
 Below you can see the stands that have lotion, soap, cookies, crackers, small containers of a lot of things.  Further down the street is the food stands, mostly mangos, cucumbers, avocados, bananas, pineapples, watermelons, plantains.  We buy all our fruit and vegetables from these street vendors.  We have started buying our bread from a bread vendor just down from our apartment.  We go every few days to buy produce because it is very ripe and needs to be eaten within a couple of days.  The mango's, pineapple and avocado's are in season right now and are delicious. 

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