Sunday, May 8, 2016

 After our walk one evening there was a parade along the road in front of the mission office.  They were playing some music from a local composer.  The top picture was the sign advertising the launching date.  Sister Clawson and I started dancing to the music and suddenly the people playing the music came right up the driveway we were standing in, and everyone started dancing with us.  It was a little suggestive and there were some people from the church that told the people in the parade to keep going down the street.  Before they left this man asked to have his picture taken with me.  He is the composer of the music and they said he is the Michael Jackson of Sierra Leone, so I have stood by a famous composer.  Wow "OIA"  My new saying, "Only in Africa" 
 This shirt is advertising his music.  I will need to see about getting some of it.  I really liked it. 

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