Monday, May 30, 2016

 Special Mission Calls.  The young man in the blue shirt holding his mission call has been waiting patiently for about 3 months for his call.  He was so excited.  Left to right are Elder Kochevar, one of the AP;s, Ishmael Ibrahim,(going on a mission June 23), Joseph Nicholason (with his call) Ali Karbo, his Branch President of the  Kossoh Town branch and Ali helps us in the mission.  We could not function without Ali.   He comes everyday to help and sometimes on Saturday too. 
Another sweet girl who has become a close friend.  She also has a mission call to leave in August.  Her name is Josephine Ndanemah and she is very educated.  There aren't many young women here that have much of an education.  She and I enjoy visiting and the last time she came to the office we visited about an hour and she asked all about my family.  I really love her.  She will be a great missionary.  She is also from the Kossoh Town branch. 

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