Sunday, May 8, 2016

 My favorite exercise is hiking to Timp Cave.  This is my version for the next 2 summers.  We hiked up this mountain and it is a dirt trail with lots of rocks.  It was pretty much straight up.  We just walk past all the little huts on the hill and the people all wave and say Hi, How are you?  They know that much English.  The little ones smile and like to touch us if they can.  We are the first white people some of them have seen.  Where ever we walk people always call to us and say Hi.  It is different being the minority. 
 This is a picture of a roof they are fixing to get ready for the rain.  There was a cat asleep near the satellite dish and I took a picture.  You don't see many cats here. 
This is the view from the top.  We hiked up for about 40 minutes.  President Clawson said it was about a mile uphill.  We found a road and walked down the road.  We were covered in red dust and sweat at the end.  When Brent took off his socks he looked like he had a tan on his legs. 

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