Friday, April 14, 2017

 This post is dedicated to my sweet 87 year old Mom who I love dearly.  She feeds birds in her back yard year round and loves to watch her birds.  Mom, these are the birds I watch outside our office window this time of year, April 2017.  They have just shown up this week.  We have a pipe outside our window from our air conditioner, that only drips a drop of water at a time.  The birds come every morning around 10:00 to get a drink and have a bath. 

                             If you look close you can see the bird on the pipe getting a drink

                                    Here he is getting a bath and you can see his wings flapping. 
 We have 4 birds like this one come every morning. They sit in the trees outside our office window and sing a beautiful song.  They sing into the evening time also.  

                             The picture above is a tree they sit in and eat the pink flowers. 

 No post about birds in Africa would be complete without these guys.  This is a bat that flew in the other morning and wrapped himself up and stayed for the day.  We see lots of bats here.  (top and bottom picture are the bat)
 The picture below is a kingfisher.  He comes for the rainy season, so we know it is almost here.  We saw several of these last year in the rainy season, but they migrate in the dry season. 

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