Tuesday, April 11, 2017

 P-day for the young Missionaries is Monday.  27 March 2017.  Elder Cornista wanted this one with Brent and I and Elder Wolters because we were all in blue.  (Sorry Greg)  Elder Wolters, Debbie, Brent, Elder Cornista. 
 The missionaries were on their way to play basketball.  Back L. to R.  Elder Smith, Elder Carlson, Elder Izekor, Elder Gamil.  Front L. to R. Elder Sarkodie, Elder Cornista and Elder Wolters.  What a great group of young missionaries. 
 The bananas in our banana grove have done wonderful this year.  Here are just a few bunches.  I bleach them and give them to the missionaries as they ripen.  When we get to many and can't eat them all I make banana bread for the missionaries.  I love to do that for them. 
We came home Saturday and followed this cart for a ways before we turned into the drive to the mission home.  We see these carts all the time filled with different things.  They push and pull them right in the roads with the traffic.  If there is no way to pass, we just follow them. 

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