Sunday, April 2, 2017

 18 March 2017  Relief Society Celebration in Freetown. It was the 175th Anniversary of Relief Society.  All the Sisters in the Stake and in Kissy District and Kossoh Town Districts marched in the streets of Freetown.  Top is one of the bands they hired to march with us. 
 You can see the long line of sisters marching.   The sister on the left with the black plastic is Jeneba.  She is one of my good friends and works on Tuesday's in the Distribution Center in the office. 
 Each Branch and Ward had a banner like the ones you see here.  The picture below is some of my sweet sisters from Upgun Branch. 

 These two pictures were taken in the stadium where we marched to. Sister Clawson took the pictures and sent them to me.  If you look close in the picture above  you can see the Sister with the blue head dress holding a sign.  Just behind here is a white woman that is me.  Below, the Sister on the left in the beautiful blue dress was from the government, she was our guest speaker.   On the right the sister with the white hat is Sister George,  she is the District RS President for Kissy District.  Upgun is in  Kissy District. 

 Sunday 19 March, the sisters of Upgun.  It was so fun to dress like them this day.  I do love the clothes they wear here. 
 Another picture of the RS Sisters at Upgun.  This in in our RS room.  The picture below is the RS dinner.  The RS president is serving the rice from her cooler.  She prepared the meal for all the sisters.  It was rice and chicken. 

 Pictured above is all the members of Upgun who were there on Sunday 19 March.  The men all had matching ties.  You can see Brent and I in the back towards the left. 
 President Julius Rowe, our Branch President and Brother Emmanuel Kundunor, Me and Brent.  Bottom pictures is Brent and I with the missionaries in serving in our Branch.  Elder Oyewusi by me and Elder Badoo by Brent.  These are great missionaries.  Elder Badoo plays the keyboard and I am so grateful he can play. 

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