Wednesday, May 10, 2017

 A group of missionaries behind this desk that is in the office.  Ali Kargbo was asked by an earlier mission president's wife to have this made.  He found a carpenter in Sierra Leone that made it.  It is a beautiful piece of art.  The words on it say: "Wherefore, go thy way; Watch the tree and nourish it according to my words....and the natural branches began to grow and thrive exceedingly."
 Jacob 5:12,73    The Gospel here in Sierra Leone is growing and thriving.  Our missionaries are working hard and baptizing many converts. 
 Elder Izekor and Elder Smith teaching a lesson outside the church in our compound. Many lessons are taught here.  I love to see them teaching.   
 Elder Smith is showing Brent a video of a man who helps them with the traffic every time they drive down Campbell.  This man loves the missionaries.  It was a funny video.  Behind Brent are Elder Carlson and Elder Sarkodie, the office Elders and Elder Izekor and Elder Smith the AP's. 
 A fun group of missionaries we get to see a couple of times a week.  Elder Mehlo, Elder Wheelock, Elder Nuttall Elder Peterson, Elder Robinson, Elder Thomason, Elder Evans kneeling, Can't remember the other Elder's name. 
 Elder Badoo and Elder Sarkodie making Foo Foo on P-day.  They pounded the cassava root for about 2 hours.  It is a long process and the missionaries love the Foo Foo.  Brent and I tasted it one time and that was enough for us. 
              Elder Carlson, Elder Badoo, Elder Sarkodie, Elder Corriea , and Elder Weber
 They add a little of the cooked cassava root at a time and mash it until it is the texture they want.  Elder Badoo turns it every time Elder Sarkodie was up.  If he didn't move his hand fast enough it would get smashed with the stick.  It was neat to watch them. 
 I see this sight every day out my office window.  I love to see the missionaries going out to teach the people.  Top is Elder Mehlo and Elder Peterson, Bottom is Elder Evans and Elder Waybright.  We sure love our missionaries. 

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