Monday, August 1, 2016

 We went for a drive on Saturday July 23,2016 for P-day.  We stopped for gas and these bushes were growing in the corner of the gas station.  We are in the rainy season so all the flowers and plants are beautiful.
 This was a road we turned down, but it was pretty rough.  We got to a steep part that had big pot holes so we turned around.  Brent is good at that.  There were some locals helping a huge truck turn around and then they helped us.  They bang on your car when they want you to stop. 
 These two pictures were on the drive.  The hills are so green and you can see it was raining.  This building was just a pretty building.  There aren't to many of them here. 

 The top picture is how we buy most of our cashews  You can see the girl in the yellow dress, she had the cashews.  They just walk along the street and you stop and buy them.  Or in the case of the bottom picture, we are stuck in traffic and the people just come up to your car with the things they are selling and if you want to buy you give them the money. 
 More traffic.  Sometimes it can take us an hour to go a mile if the traffic is bad.  This day we didn't sit to long.  It moved pretty good. 

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