Sunday, July 24, 2016

 Markus Wallace is the Bishop of one of the wards here in Freetown.  He also works for the church and helps the mission a lot.  This is one of the new little trucks the mission just received. 
 You can see all the Okada's (motorcycle taxi's) on the left.  These are at the corner we always pass to get home.  We walk past them also on our walk.  I can walk through them without much trouble now 
 This is the road up to our apartment  It was an unusual moment, because there wasn't any traffic. 
 You can see the white sign on the left.  That says Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  That is our driveway. 
 Up the driveway, this is what we see.  The guards open the gates for us and we drive up to the mission home. 
 On our walk.  Both of these roads are our normal walking routes.  The one with Brent is on is called the Old Railway line.  Before the war a railroad went through there.  Now it is a road with shops along it.  The one I am standing on is called Jomo Kenyatta.  We walk it going and coming back home.  They started to pave it and wanted it finished for their Freedom Celebration in April, but didn't get if finished.  So now with the rainy season it has a lot of deep ruts again.  It is nice for us though because they block off the traffic on this side and we don't have to worry about cars.  We still have to worry about Okada's because they use it.  They aren't suppose to but they do. 

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