Wednesday, August 31, 2016

 Jokella took us downtown Freetown to this fabric store.  This lady gave us a really good price and she had beautiful fabric.  Jokella left on her mission the week after she took us here. This shop owner let me have a picture with her.  She was very nice.  We will go back and see her.

 Jokella and I downtown Freetown with the Cotton Tree behind us.  This is a pretty famous tree in Sierra Leone.  It is where the slaves first came back after being freed.  We walked home from downtown and these are the sights we saw.    A Bridal Store (for Mom) 

 We have driven past this Septic Service truck several times and since we were walking Brent had to have a picture with the truck.  (For Mark)
 Brent, Jokella, Sister Corbaley and Brother Corbaley.  They went with us to the fabric store.  Behind us is the cotton tree in our compound.  We were almost home.  This is a busy corner later in the day because it is a taxi stop.  Later it will be full of taxi's and Okada's (motorcycles) and lots of people.  Our store we buy bread from is off to the right.  Our friend had a baby a few weeks ago and we miss seeing her everyday.  Her sister is taking care of her bread store, which is just some baskets of bread with an umbrella over them. 
 Our internet went out a week or so ago and this is what they found outside.  Brent took a picture to send to the tech people in Accra, but I had to put them here for the boys.  This is the way they do things in Africa. 
 Our line goes across our back and into the wall.  They did fix it, but it took about 3 days. 

 This was a street we walked one afternoon on our walk.  The little ones you see in the middle were so cute.  The little girl is standing on a stool and she is eating.  She was giving the little brother some of her food and I wanted a picture, but missed her feeding him. 
 German Pancakes bake really good here.  We eat them sometimes on Saturday's. 
 The country is so beautiful right now with lots of waterfalls and water running out of the mountains.  When we first arrived there was no water here and now it is running a lot.  Everything is green and beautiful. 
                           We took these on our way home from Kossoh Town last Sunday. 

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