Sunday, August 21, 2016

 Brent is holding an avocado that he picked off an avocado tree here in our compound.  He had a long pole and kept wacking it until the avocado fell.  The tree is very big and we don't have any ladders here.   We ate it and it was very good.
 This is a bread fruit.  We bought it from a little lady, who is a member, that has a shop just outside the compound.  He boiled half of it like a potato and fried the other half.  It tastes a lot like a potato, but the texture is more pasty.  We put chicken gravy on it and it was good.  The fried bread fruit tasted a lot like french fries. 

 This little girls name is Ester.  She and her mom are always at this spot on our walk.  The first few times Ester saw us and she wouldn't even look at us, but over time as we talked to her and her mom she has warmed up to us.  Now she watches for us and comes running to me and gives me a big hug.  She is so cute and so is her mom.  I am taking a copy of this picture to Ester and her mom tomorrow on our walk. 
 Also along our walk is this little store where they make clothes.  It is really tiny as you can see.  It barely fits 3 sewing machines.  They are all pedaled by foot because there is no electricity. 
 We walk over a big ravine on our walk and walk on a bridge.  These 2 pictures are looking down into it.  The river is running pretty good right now with all the rain.  In a few months it will be empty. 
 This is a street we just started walking on the end of our walk.  It does not have as much traffic as the one we were finishing up on.  These girls were sitting here this day and they all waved and the little ones had to touch us, I asked if I could have a picture with them and they all said yes.  The girl in the back that is standing is braiding another girls hair.  Now when we walk this street they all come running and hug us or wave and say Hi.  They are really friendly people. 

 This is Josephine Ndanemah and she is leaving on her mission 25 August.  We have become good friends.  She is also my keyboard student.  This is outside the Kossoh Town Branch building and the children all wanted their picture with us. 

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