Sunday, January 8, 2017

 I wanted to kind of give a flavor of what it is like to drive down the streets in Freetown.  This is on our way to the Kissy District Center to our Christmas Party with the Missionaries.  In the top picture you can see a poda, poda, and the people are climbing out.  It could not get up the street because the back wheel was stuck on a big rock.  It was merging into traffic. After all the people got out it made it up the hill, stopped in the middle of the road and the people all piled back in.   (A poda poda is a van taxi and they take the seats out and put in benches so they can get more people in them).  Greg will probably be able to relate to that.  
 The streets have lots of traffic, cars, taxi's, poda poda's okada's (the motorcylce taxi's) and foot traffic.  The sidewalks on this street was filled with little markets.  You can kind of see them if you look close on the right. Also see the 2 ladies carrying the baskets on their heads, that is their shop.    You can see a stop sign on the right of the picture below.  There are not very many stop signs in this country, and no one ever stops at them.  Brent is a true Sierra Leonean driver now, he ran this stop sign too. 
 Sometimes vehicles just stop on the side of the road and you have to try to go around them.  Both of these big trucks were stopped and we went between them.  We were following a young man pushing a wheelbarrow.  Sometimes people get out and direct traffic.  You can see the guy below in the yellow vest.  He was helping us get through this area.  He stopped the traffic coming towards us so we could get through. 
 These are all pictures taken at the Kissy District Center of our Christmas party with the missionaries in Freetown and the surrounding areas.  Also the missionaries from Makeni came.  We have the most amazing young missionaries. 
 Elder Foote is on the left, Elder Turner at the head of the table, Elder Rawlings on the right.
 On the left front of this picture is Elder Wolters and Elder Hayford. 
 On the left, back to front Elder Weber and Elder Correia, On the right, back to front, Elder Marks, Elder Waybright and Elder Owen in the front. 

 You can see some of our cute Sisters in the middle. 
My handsome companion standing, Elder Peterson is in front of him, and to the left is Elder Jones who was an office Elder at this time, Elder Johnson is on the right 

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