Sunday, January 22, 2017

 This is Sheku Mansaray and his helper.  He does some electrical work for the mission.  This day he was changing out some lights.  I had to  take a picture of the ladder.  It is made with sticks nailed together.  See how it bows?  This is outside of our apartment building. 

 This is how they cut our yard.  We don't really have grass, but they take a machete and cut the plants close to the ground.  This helps keep the critters out, (like snakes)  It looks really nice when they get done.  McKay, want to try cutting Papaw's grass this way?   This is to the side of our apartment. 
 Snowy white Egrets.  They have just started showing up.  (January 2017)  They catch bugs and butterflies and eat them.  They are really fun to watch.  I took this picture by our water tanks in front of our apartment. 

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