Sunday, January 22, 2017

                          This is the group of Missionaries we received 27 December 2016
 Sister Salamatu Kolokoh leaving on mission. 29 December 2016.  She is from Dwarzak Ward, but came to see me the day she left on her mission.  She is a dear friend that I met about a month after we arrived in Sierra Leone.  I will really miss her, but she will be a wonderful missionary. 
 This group of SL missionaries departed 29 December 2016.  Left to right: Elder Sesay, Elder Alieu, Sister Kundundu, Sister Sesay, Sister Koroma and Elder Vandi. 
 Elder Kondo and Elder Morison are from SL and left for the MTC 9 January 2017.  They are both going to South Africa on their missions. Next picture is Elder Kondo with friends and family the day he was set apart and left.  They had a party.  That bottle is Soda. 

 This is Elder Songo and his family.  He left on 19 January 2017.  He is also going to serve in South Africa. 

Elders who live in the Fort Street apartment.  We inspected their apartment and they are a great group of young men.  My handsome companion is also with them.  L to R. Elder Evans, Elder Waybright, Elder Peterson, Elder Gamil and Elder Amoah-Baafi, Back row is Brent and Elder
Ayabowei,  We do have the best missionaries in the church serving in our mission. 

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