Sunday, November 6, 2016

 Ok, so don't panic, My hands are mostly better, but I wanted to document the way they looked at pretty much the worse point.  I went to a doctor here and he had never seen it before.  Sister Clawson sent these pictures to Dr. Anderson in Accra and he said it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he put me on for a sore on my heel.  This was pretty painful, itchey and sore.  I didn't go to the office for 3 days, because of the sores on my palms.  I couldn't touch anything without it feeling like pins pricking me.  Dr. Anderson put me on prednisone and within 3 days my hands were a lot better. 

  A week after my hands cleared up from the sores they started peeling.  They peeled for about 2 weeks and they are still peeling a little today, but they are so much better.  I will never take a sulfa drug again.  I am really grateful to Dr. Anderson and the Power of the Priesthood. 

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