Sunday, October 9, 2016

 Last supper for Elder Nyembwe and Elder Ajayi.  L. to R. back row- Elder Amoah-Baafi, Elder Oyebambi,(AP) Elder Samche,(Apartment Elder) Elder Ajayi, Elder Nyembwe, Elder Jones(Apartment Elder) and Brent.  Front row L to R - President Clawson, Elder St. Mars and Elder Akan (AP)
                 Departing missionaries 3 October 2016  Elder Yahibo, Sister Thatcher and Elder Igwe. 
                                           Missionaries we welcomed 4 October 2016.
 Sierra Leone missionaries that went to the Ghana MTC 6 October 2016.  L-R Elder Boima, Sister French, Elder Emmanuel Kallay and Elder Simeon Kallay.  These were such cute missionaries. 
Elder Samche with Brent and I.  He and Elder Jones are the Apartment Elders. He has the cutest personality and keeps us laughing.  This was such a good picture of Brent I couldn't resist putting it in.  What a handsome companion I have. 

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