Sunday, November 6, 2016

 This is Prince Siaffax.  He is from Sierra Leone and went to the MTC in Accra on the 27 October 2016.  He gave me the shirt I have on.  He found it n a street market and it had "Miner" on it  It was embroidered.  He said when he saw it he thought of me and wanted to buy it for me because I had been so helpful to him.  He is such a cute young man and I was so touched by his kindness and thoughtfulness.   I wear the shirt with pride and get so many comments about it. 
 This was our flat tire a couple of weeks ago after Church.  The building straight ahead is where we go to church.  It is on the top floor.  Peter Swarray is the brother who came to our aid and brought a young man with him to change the tire.  As it ended up they couldn't put the spare on because we needed another key, so they took the tire to the service station and got it fixed, (Ox in the Mire).  We so appreciate these two brethren. 

 Saturday 5 November 20126, Shaka cut several bunches of bananas from our banana grove.  Ali Kargbo is by Brent.  He helps us in the mission and is also the District President of  Kossoh Town Branch.  The 2 Elders in the front are Elder Jones and Elder Saunders, the Office/Apartment Elders.  On the stairs are Elder Mars and Elder Amoah-Baafi.  They all live upstairs above the mission office, along with the AP's, Elder Akan and Elder Oyebambi. 
So many bananas.  We split them between everyone here and gave more to other Senior Couples and saved some for the Claswon's.  They will be ripe in about a week.  We just leave them on the counter to let them ripen.  Shaka takes care of the grounds here in the compound. 

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