Sunday, November 20, 2016

 Happy Birthday to Brent.  We celebrated his 65th Birthday in Sierra Leone with the Clawson's and some wonderful missionaries.  5 of these Elders are returning home.  L to R: Elder Afful, Elder Seaman, Me Brent, Elder Oyebambie(AP), Elder Bloomfield (behind the white board), Elder Akan (AP) Elder Arthur and Elder Okpara. 

 Sister Clawson gave Brent 6 Water Balloons, one for each of his decades.  He dropped them from their 3rd story window.  I don't know who had the most fun, Brent or the Elders. 
 The morning the Elders left for their homes.  Me, Elder Seaman, Elder, Affull, Elder Arthur, Elder Okpara, Elder Bloomfield and Brent. 
 Dad and Elder Arthur became fast friends.  We will really miss him and his cute personality. 
 This is our new group of missionaries we welcomed on Tuesday 15th November 2016. 
 These three Elders are from Bo in Sierra Leone.  They left on the 17th of November to go to the MTC in Accra.  They loved these beaded ties here and came into my office to show me their ties.  I told them I needed to have a picture and Elder Woyah (on the left) said, "We are the Three Wisemen."

 Sister Gladys George also left with the "Three Wisemen". L to R Brent, Elder Woyah, Elder Bangura, Sister George, and Elder Johnson and me.  They will be great missionaries. 

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