Sunday, July 24, 2016

 We have a meeting every Tuesday with a devotional and we do some calendaring so we all kind of know what is going on for the week.  The two Elders with their heads down and dressed alike with their rain jackets are Elder Kochevar and Elder Lefler.  The brother on the right is Brother Corbaly who arrived last week.  The Elder on the Left is the new AP  Elder Akan and he is delightful.  Ali Kargbo is in the doorway.  He works for the mission and is wonderful.  He is also the District President of the Kossoh Town Branch. 
 Brent, Elder Kochevar, Elder Lefler and Me.  This is in the President's apartment the night before these 2 Elders went home.  We had a dinner for them and then a testimony meeting.  They are both wonderful young men.  Elder Lefler is a very humble sweet young man.  Elder Kochevar is very cheerful and upbeat guy.  He is the one who found me a fanny pack after looking for 2 months.  We loved them both and will miss them.  They are great "Farkle" players too.  Chad and Patty would love the way Elder Kochevar plays Farkle.  
 The back of the boys.  I love their collars.  You can see Elder Lefler on the left.  His collar is all frayed on the top. It's kind of had to tell in this picture, but I love the frayed collars.  The missionaries don't have washers here and they scrub their clothes in a bucket with a scrub brush and scrub board.   A lot of missionaries hire members to wash for them.  Elder Kochevar's isn't frayed, but I took him with Elder Lefler. 
Elder Lefler and Elder Kochevar at Sea Bird ready to go across the water to Lungi and catch the plane home.  Brent and I took the to Sea Bird.  We will miss them, but know they have served well and their families are thrilled to have them coming home.  They left 22 July 2016.

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