Saturday, June 18, 2016

 Saturday June 5, 2015 for our P-day we went with Elder and Sister Carly and Elder and Sister Miles to the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary.  It is a sanctuary to educate people as much as a preserve for Chimpanzee's.  Over half of the chimpanzee's in Africa live in Sierra Leone, but they are on the endangered list because of poachers killing them to eat, killing families to take the babies and sell as pets and the rain forests being cut down.  It was a guided tour and Yes we did read every sign.  Our guide actually gave us time and encouraged us to read them. 

 This is a Jack Fruit we saw growing on a tree along the trail to see the Chimpanzee's.  It was the first one we have seen here. 
 They only take 2 tours a day and we went to the 10:00 tour.  They plan to feed the Chimpanzee's while the tours are happening so the people on the tours can see them.  These enclosures are for chimpanzee's who still depend on humans for all their food.  They stay here until the people running the sanctuary determine they are ready to move to a more independent enclosure. 

 These Chimpanzee's were in the next stage and they were feeding them Mango's.  They only feed these guys 4 times a day.  They go back into the rain forest you can see behind them and are pretty self sufficient.  The enclosure they are in is about 10 acres and about 60% of all the vegetation in the rain forest they can eat. 

 These Chimpanzee's are in the next enclosure and they are pretty much on their own.  They do feed them a couple times a day so they are not quite ready to release into the wild.  The grandkids will know this, but I didn't.  What is the difference between a monkey and a chimpanzee? 
Monkeys have tails and chimpanzee's do not. 

 This big guy climbed a tall tree right in front of us and went up high.  I zoomed in on him.  He climbed this tree with a big rock in his hand as soon as we arrived on the platform to watch the chimpanzee's in this enclosure.  He kept looking at us and putting the rock from his left had to his right hand.  The guide said to watch him because he likes to throw rocks.  Finally he put the rock in a group of leaves in the tree and just sat down and watched us.  That is when I snapped this picture. 
 The top picture was a picture of the road as we drove out.  We actually parked about a hundred yards from where we started the tour and walked the rest of the way because the road was so rough and steep.  The bottom picture is for Greg and Chad.  I couldn't resist. On our way home we saw this man riding on the back of a motorcycle, (Okata) with a door balanced between him and the driver.  "This is Africa".

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